No Loans (Grants and Scholarships)

by Allah's Apprentice

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So I was thinking of a way to pay my student loans back, help future college students avoid debt, and use my marketing and advertising skills to work for myself.

One day I woke up with this song in my head and it gave me the idea to perform it and provide engaging financial seminars on how to avoid debt through applying for scholarships and grants as well as make and manage money at colleges and high schools targeting 9th graders and college freshman.

If you can relate:

END the cycle of unnecessary debt TODAY by booking a seminar at your school, youth group, or organization by contacting Vinson Muhammad at


They thinkin' I'm a stranger
But you know me, I'm the Loan Ranger
Here to save yo' paper
Cause yo' money is in danger
They sayin' you should take a loan
Un uhhh, Loan Ranger say leave that A-Lone
I don't want no loans, yeah that's what I said
I ain't got no dreads, but I can shake my head

NO, I don't want no loans
Straight up off the rip
They askin' what I'm on
Grants and Scholarships

This is my story, this is my song
If you know the words, you can sing along
I took a loan, a long time ago
And now I'm payin' for it, this how the story go
I'm bout to go to college
I just want some knowledge
I'm just tryin' to get ahead
But whole up. What's up? I ain't got no bread
I'm in financial aid
I'm tryin' to get paid
They say they got my back
Gave your boy like 20 stacks
Just got my refund
Put that on my debit card
Oh, them J's just dropped?
I'ma bout to ball hard
What you say? This ain't my money?
What you say? I gotta pay this back?
Why you laughin'? That ain't funny
I ain't got no money (yet) So I can't do that, so


Just graduated, no more ballin'
Back at home now, phone ringin'. Who callin'?
AES? Who is that?
They say they gave you money, now they want it back
They hit my cell phone, they hit my landline
They called my moma, daddy, grandma cause they cosigned
And times is tight, man we all strugglin'
Tryin' to find a job, but I can't find nothin'
Studied business, corporations, I applied
Oh you just graduated. Sorry, you're not qualified
But you can intern though. You mean work for free?
Well it's possible you might get paid eventually
Eventually? That's later, I need money now
You really need a job? Yeah. Try the Tasty Cow
You mean the burger spot, naw I'm straight on that
I'll make a rap to pay this back before it come to that, like


So that's how it went, yeah that's how it go
So I made this song just so I could let you know
You ain't gotta take take a loan, all you gotta do
Is find your passion, then pursue it and do good in school
If you need some money, you just go online
Look for grants and scholarships, it ain't hard to find
Then Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply
And if somebody tell you take a loan, you just tell them bye, and say



released September 10, 2012
Written and Produced by Allah's Apprentice
Recorded and Mixed by Sabir "Satisfied" Muhammad



all rights reserved


Allah's Apprentice Macon


Allah's Apprentice means that I am "God's student" made in His image learning and training to be the god he intended me to be (see Psalms 82:6). My purpose is to please Him and encourage you to do the same and....
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