Al​-​Mu'minun (The Believers)

by Allah's Apprentice

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This track was inspired by Sura Al-Mu'minun from the Holy Qur'an celebrating the blessings of Allah (God) on those who submit. This is a gift to the world which was given during Ramadan to inspire us to submit our wills to Allah's (God's) will despite popular culture's increased, highly aggresive promotion of immoral lifestyles.

Allah's Apprentice


A few bars for the brave truth seekers
Al-Mu'minun, yeah this for the Believers

The ones that be successful even if the life be stressful
The Deen provide the Peace inside the belly of the beast
Facin' east I increase humility stayin' humble
Abstain from the vain 'cause vanity make 'em stumble
Expandin' my maturity, call it moral security
Perveted by the world, but actin' for the sake of purity
Even though her fashion, got me thinkin' action
Still I restrain and put a pause upon my passion
That is until I find my mate, cause ain't no monkery
May be for some, and I respect it, it just ain't for me
See ain't no shame in the game if you do it right
'Cause ain't no blame on a man if he love his wife
Just some wisdom from a beautiful religion
Islam during Ramadan to better our condition



released August 5, 2013
Allah's Apprentice
Illa J "Timeless"
Recorded by Sabir "Satisfied" Muhammad




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Allah's Apprentice means that I am "God's student" made in His image learning and training to be the god he intended me to be (see Psalms 82:6). My purpose is to please Him and encourage you to do the same and....
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