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released August 10, 2012



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Allah's Apprentice Macon


Allah's Apprentice means that I am "God's student" made in His image learning and training to be the god he intended me to be (see Psalms 82:6). My purpose is to please Him and encourage you to do the same and....
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Track Name: Choosin'

A lot of people in the world, some winnin’, some losin’

Some people watchin’ movies, other people movin’

Life ain’t ‘bout what you want, it’s what you choosin’

I don’t want for nothin’, Homie I’m choosin’

Sound like a South Dallas Sunset

Studied the flap of bird’s wings a fly subject

My brother talkin’ jet life, I chose to live it

Lookin’ down at a sky that they told me was the limit

“Okay.” That’s what I said, now my altitude has doubled

Look up, I’m in the stars, watch my shuttle from the Hubble

But never a celebrity, no fans, I got family

Praise belongs to God ‘cause conceit causin’ casualties

How you feelin’? Is you chillin’? No I’m focused

Workin’ hard to make it happen, no hocus pocus

Don’t believe in magic, but I do believe in motion

Manifestin’ my mindset, ‘cause it’s more than a notion

My thoughts be seeds that I plant killin’ weeds

‘Round my plots for progression, from nature I learned thelesson

The higher I grow, the deeper my roots

Got to be for me to stand, droppin’ knowledge like fruit.


Decisions determine destinations

Along with faith, hard work, and self-determination

Deny the designations that limit your mind’s creation

To sterile occupations, hand in your resignation

Identify what gives you inner peace and inspiration

Which may not be on that degree you get at graduation

It may not be that 9 to 5 to which you drive

Catch the bus, bike, or walk to so you can survive

What makes you feel alive like a heart beat?

For me I feel alive writin’ for my people on these sheets

So a soul like me can see beyond tv

Speak the key to the chains on our brain, set us free

My flow is Juneteenth like it’s 18 six five

We freed the body now it’s time to free the mind

Don’t use it then you loose it, don’t want it, homie chooseit

And if it’s in your way, find a mustard seed and move it


I choose to make a million with this melody

I choose to grow that million exponentially

I choose to give 10% to charity

I choose to pay myself and help my family

I choose to invest in my community

I choose to work to make a change that we can see

Never choosin’ failure, always choosin’ victory

Choosin’ God ‘cause without He it will never be